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Group Exercise for Strategic Climate Resilience: A Facilitation Guide

This is a facilitated group exercise using the OODA Loop broken up into phases: 1. Observe, 2. Orient, 3. Decide and Act. It is meant to move fast during the first phases, and encourage more discussion during the later phase.

Most of us are used to critical thought—deconstructing ideas, or exposing the flaws of someone’s ideology, or political project through examining it under an ethical frame. Contemporary political milieus owe much of this to their ties to liberal arts. Whether we learn what’s right and wrong through philosophy, our family ties, or experience shaped by the street, the ethics we develop strengthen our critical eyes. Thought is an act—an exercise—and like other exercises, if we only condition certain muscles, others will atrophy. Our adversaries train all their muscles.

We’re going to begin the exercise by observing what we have in common. This is the backbone to our shared power, and these are the tools that can be reshaped as weapons.

We Need You

We need fighters, makers, thinkers— creativity, and ingenuity.

We need builders, healers, farmers, designers, and engineers.

We Need You

We Need You

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They tell us to wait as our lives
pass us by, hardly touching the
surface of what we could become.

They tell us to be peaceful while declaring
war on the earth, on our bodies, on
the very possibility of happiness.

They tell us heroism is dead, when
nothing is more disputed
by our century.

For Clark

For the Earth

For freedom

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