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We're building a platform for revolutionary autonomy.

Amid climate change and economic ruin, we’re connecting a network of people who are ready to live and fight, aggregate skills, build infrastructure, and share tools to make a different world.

There are
two paths

The end
of the world

Or the

Of the

Inhabit is a book,
an online portal,
and an IRL network for
our critical time.

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Planting & Becoming
Group Exercise for Strategic Climate Resilience
A Gift To Humanity
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Emergency DIY Mask Guide
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We Need You

We need fighters, makers, thinkers— creativity, and ingenuity.

We need builders, healers, farmers, designers, and engineers.

We Need You

We Need You

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They tell us to wait as our lives
pass us by, hardly touching the
surface of what we could become.

They tell us to be peaceful while declaring
war on the earth, on our bodies, on
the very possibility of happiness.

They tell us heroism is dead, when
nothing is more disputed
by our century.

For Clark

For the Earth

For freedom

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