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Resources: Inhabit Discussion Group

Inhabit is a short text that can be read in one sitting. While dense with concepts, it’s rooted in practical experience. Like a manifesto, it aims to start a conversation rather than end one.

Starting an Inhabit discussion group can be as simple as following Instruction #1: Find Each Other. Turn to those closest to you and say,“I recently read this book and it mentions some things I really want to talk about. Do you want to read it with me and discuss it together?”

If you’re just starting and there’s no organized group near you, this is the best way to proceed. If you’re already organized and want to meet others on the basis of Inhabit’s ideas, a public discussion will serve your efforts better.

Here’s how you can go about that. See also: Starter Kit

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We Need You

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They tell us to wait as our lives
pass us by, hardly touching the
surface of what we could become.

They tell us to be peaceful while declaring
war on the earth, on our bodies, on
the very possibility of happiness.

They tell us heroism is dead, when
nothing is more disputed
by our century.

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